flexIDX Home Search Plugin for WordPress

flexIDX Home Search plugin provides an easy solution to embed home search form into your sidebars, and page/post content. Generate custom search links and iframes within WYSIWYG editor and embed them into your community related pages with a click of a mouse.

Requires flexMLS IDX account.
Disclaimer: PhoenixHomes.com has no affiliation with FBS (flexMLS) beside being their client.

Current Version: 2.0.0 [Download] [Support Forums]

flexIDX Home Search Video Preview


  • Flexible labels appearance settings.
  • Customizable list of cities to search.
  • WYSIWYG widget to generate custom IDX links and iFrames - no coding is required - everything is point and click.
  • Ability to create custom widgets with multiple custom searches generated in flexMLS.
  • Customizable widgets location - you can define on which pages/posts search widgets will appear.


  1. Unzip and copy the into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the flexIDX Home Search on your plugins page.
  3. Go to the flexIDX Options page and enter the IDX url that you generate from your flexMLS account.
  4. After completing step #3 the flexIDX widget should be available in the Widgets section as well as the WYSIWYG button in the page editor.

Customizing fields for non-Phoenix/AZ MLSes.

It appears that some field names and their values may differ from one MLS to another, even though we're still using the same flexMLS software. In some MLSes they use "area" field instead of the "city", and "property type" field can appear as "dwelling type". The types of properties can be different as well. We created 2 videos to show you how to setup those fields correctly according to your MLS. Please watch "Setting up flexIDX plugin for non-Phoenix/AZ Agents" video #1 and video #2.

Tip #1: All fields that are included into the widget have to be available on your flexmls IDX search form. For example: if a field "city" is not on your IDX search form, the value from the Quick Home Search widget will not get passed to the IDX. You can adjust your search template from the IDX settings in your flexMLS account.

Tip #2: The name of your property type field is the same as its label without a space. For example: tale a look at your IDX search form, if your property type field labeled as "Property Type" then use PropertyType in the widget settings (no spaces between the words). The same goes for "Dwelling Type" - DwellingType.

Tip #3: Use Firebug for Firefox web browser to find the values of your property type fields (or press Ctrl+Shift+J in Google Chrome). For example: ARMLS uses Single Family Homes and Patio Homes property type options, but their actual values are "SH" and "PH" respectively. You can add those values to the Property Type Field Values under the plugin settings as follows:

SF - Single Family Homes
PH - Patio Homes

If you choose to combine values into a single field, just separate them with commas like this:

SF,PH - Single Family Homes

The values before the hyphen will be passed to the IDX, and the values after the hyphen will appear as a field label on the user end.

Available Shortcodes

  1. [flexidxhs] - embeds the Quick Home Search widget.
  2. [idxiframe url="" width="" height=""] - embeds an iframe. The url parameter is required. The width and the height are optional and will default to 100% width and 800px height if not set.
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This plugin looks super

This plugin looks super helpful and I want to use it! Am adding it to my site - but first need to activate IDX with Flex - it's $240/year.

Thank you Sherri. Yes, this

Thank you Sherri. Yes, this plugin assumes that you have an IDX service with flexMLS.

Hey we loved the plugin -

Hey we loved the plugin - then noticed it was crashing our site at fountainhillsagents.com only in IE7 - we removed the search widget and site worked fine after. Let me know if you have the experience with Phoenix Homes or any other site.

Well, I realized I have some

Well, I realized I have some error on my pages in IE7 that combined with the plugin crash the browser. In other themes the plugin works just fine in IE7 - so off to debugging... Thanks again for the great plugin

It sounds like it's

It sounds like it's conflicting with something in your theme. Try debugging it via FireBug in Firefox.

I uploaded the plugin and

I uploaded the plugin and its great. However I am not able to get the quick search to work for my cities. All other criteria is working fine, just not cities. Do you have any idea why this would be happening?

Josh, can I see an example?

Josh, can I see an example?

I activated the widget on

I activated the widget on the site so you could test it.


Josh, the default search

Josh, the default search page that you generated via flexMLS account does not have the city field... so if you even wanted to search for a city - the form itself is missing it. So, you need to go back to the flexMLS account and make sure you create the correct IDX search view that contains all the necessary fields (at least those that are used in the quick search widget). I think the default IDX view has to have those fields.

Ok I figured it out. I will

Ok I figured it out. I will explain what I did so others with the same problem can fix it as well.

The first thing I did was add "City" to my default IDX search criteria. You can do this in your IDX Manager in the settings section. This did not fix my problem, however it is necessary in resolving the issue.

After trying the quick search several times and it not working I started looking it to your code and the Flex MLS API. The API requires the "City" parameter to be exactly how it is displayed by your MLS. The ARMLS "City" parameter is displayed as "City/Town Code", the Shasta County MLS parameter is just "City". So to change the parameter to match I went into the flexIDXHS.php and on line 71 I changed the following:


if(city.value != ''){ search_link += '&City/TownCode=' + city.value; }


if(city.value != ''){ search_link += '&City=' + city.value; }

Problem Solved!

I'll have to talk to the

I'll have to talk to the guys at FBS (flexmls.com) about this. I didn't suspect that different areas can have their fields named differently... something that doesn't make sense, especially since this is the same software. Thanks for pointing this out Josh!

is it possible to change the

is it possible to change the default from a minimum of $100,000k to something else -- we have investors who search for things in the $50-65-75k price ranges

could not find how to change that default ??


Yea, since we built the

Yea, since we built the plugin for ourselves, we limited it to $100K... we'll try to make the prices adjustable in the next update, but now, if you want you can hack the plugin by editing line 145 of the flexIDXHS.php file.

Just add this

0 => 'No Min Price',
before the 100000 => '$100,000' part. This way it will start the search from $0. If you want a specific price, then add it in the similar way as the other prices.

Hope this helps!

is the plug in not

is the plug in not compatible with the latest version of WP -- 3.0.1 -- we just upgraded and now the plug in does not work any longer

Hi Carolin, it should work

Hi Carolin,

it should work with 3.0.1. Do you get any errors? Can I see it live on your site somewhere?

I'm not certain about where

I'm not certain about where I find the information for step 3 of the installation:

Go to the flexIDX Options page and enter the IDX url

I have the IDX search subscription for my account, but I can't find an IDX Options page.

After you activate the

After you activate the plugin, a link "flexIDX Options" should appear on the left hand side of your dashboard, under the Settings section. Somewhere below "Permalinks".

Got it working, but now I

Got it working, but now I need to hook it into one of the thesis hooks and I can't find any PHP code for calling the plugin.

How do I put this in my header or feature box, or pull it into any non-post section of the site other than a widget?

Jon, I'm not familiar with


I'm not familiar with Thesis, but you can execute a shortcode via PHP this way: