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Introduction to Carefree, Arizona

Carefree is a distinctive semi-rural town in the Upper Sonoran desert, planned by its founders to be absolutely unique from surrounding communities. It is an area comprised of residents who enjoy a lifestyle that balances with the serenity of the desert. At the heart of Carefree is a business district that hosts commercial and town activities, where residents and visitors assemble to work, shop, and play.

New Developments and Trends

Single-family, low-density development dominates Carefree’s land use and more than half of Carefree’s land is still vacant. Residents and the Town Council have stated the importance of maintaining a semi-rural environment, and this philosophy has guided recent development in Carefree. New homes are developed on acre lots in order to preserve a low-density population ratio. Subdivision of lots is not an option according to the town’s General Plan. The General Plan also requires new development to create little disturbance of surrounding nature and suggests new homes “blend” with natural scenery.

New properties updates in Carefree, AZ

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